First Time Indy-Goers

What a whirl wind it has become the past month. Between 50 hours a week at work and the weekend trips and catching up on sleep and chores, doesn’t leave much room for writing.

Well yours truly is back from 2 races and about to embark on a third race weekend. Kicking off with Indy, then the Detroit Grand Prix and ending with two drag racing events, the Detroit Dragway Reunion and NHRA in Norwalk. A lot of miles on the old beast and on my feet.

Kicking off the summer we trekked down to Indianapolis for the 100th running of the Indy 500, a birthday gift to my father and was a bucket list trip.

Tips I have for first time Indy Goers.

  1. Pack patience-yes it took us 4 hours to go a total of 12 miles. Yes it was bumper to bumper, no there was not a way around it.
  2. Pack good walking shoes-we parked exactly 4.1 miles from the speedway and had to walk too and from the vehicle, along with that you could also explore parking venues that provide shuttle service.
  3. Lots of water-May could be hot, this year it was 84 on raceday and dehydration could sneak up and bite you. Luckily that did not happen to any of my group.
  4. Enjoy the atmosphere-Indy has a unique presence, it’s mecca for race fans, take every moment and savor it. Every moment of Indy is special the spotlight is on Indy that day and you are a part of the greatest race in history. Live it and breath it. Indy is a place for me where I had to pinch myself and keep asking am I really here?
  5. Buy the memories-what I mean is if you see something you like, buy it. Who knows that sponsor may not be back next year, or might change sponsorship. Me I brought home the milk bottle and the gasmonkey shirt.
  6. Wave at the Firehawk aka the Racing Rooster
  7. and this is the most important. ENJOY

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