Michigan’s Mustang Corral

There is a preconceived notion about what to expect at any show. With Lingenfelter they are known for the GM products-specifically Camaro’s and Corvette’s, Roush you think of Ford products and so on. Roush holds an open 3 times a year. Once when spring rolls around and then two others before each of the Michigan International Speedway NASCAR races. This past week they held the first of the season.

Roush is based out of Livonia Michigan with the full blown NASCAR shop out of the Charlotte area, Jack Roush’s collection is laos housed in Livonia and only a stones throw from where I work. So what does a motorhead do on lunch? Head over to Roush to explore the collection.

Roush is known for it’s racing machines, but on another level is also the go to performance shop for Ford owner, much as Lingenfelter is in the GM world. All era’s of Ford’s are represented but a spectacular collection of mustangs. Some trans-am, some IMSA and some road going varieties. The nice part about this show is it is also a cruise in event like Lingenfelter, so not only do you get to see the collection, but you can spend hours walking the parking lot looking at other rides that were driven there.

Inside Roush has 3 Ford GT’s, one in Gulf racing colors, but I want to focus around the lesser known of his cars, the Mustangs. Think about Roush racing for a second. We all know Biffle, Stenhouse, Buescher, Edwards, McMurray, Busch. All those more famous names come to mind. But think about these other names that Roush has fielded cars with Rahal, Kendall, Jack Roush Jr just to name a few.

Think of the iconic liveries Roush has fielded. Sharpie, 3M, Crown Royal and most popular Valvoline. But he also fielded All Sport, John Players, Mac Tools and Planters.

The true enthusiasts however jump to the IMSA days and the performance Mustang side. A team at Roush even restored Jack’s first race car the Gapp and Roush Mustang.


The collection is split into the racing heritage and the street vehicles. The first room houses the vehicles Jack has had a hand in developing over the years. The next room is a private collection of cars that I’m sure he drives every once in a while and on the far side is all the race cars.

There was only one thing missing at this event, the hot dog guy with the crazy station wagon and the ice cream guy with the vintage 60s Ford Good Humor truck. I’m hoping it was just early in the season and we will see them in June. There is nothing like buying ice cream from a vintage good humor truck, something I never got a chance to do growing up in the 90s and 2000s.



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