Corvettes and Cigarettes

No this is not a post about smoking. But what it is about is a rare 1 of 1 corvette that caught my eye and my heart.

Again last Saturday was the big open house at Lingenfelter. In the corner tucked in with the Greenwood Corvettes is a special red and white corvette. I recognized the paint scheme instantly from the GMC Syclone Marlboro giveaway truck, it was a perfect match.

In 1992 Marlboro Racing (Roger Penske’s sponsor at the time) held a sweepstakes with 10 winners. Each winner got a Marlboro edition Syclone. Now the Syclone in it’s own right was a muscle truck, but a modded Syclone with Recaro seats and special targa top was the cream of the crop and to this day will fetch 75-100K according to Hemming’s IF you can get your hands on one of the ten. Good luck as in the past year only one has surfaced on eBay.


Now at the Lingenfelter collection is a c4 corvette that matches this exact scheme. I missed it at first and was admiring his corvette pace car. I turned around and noticed it. It got my gears turning and leaving that Saturday I was convinced it was another of Marlboro Racing’s giveaways from a earlier or later year.

Google returned no results, the only thing I could find on the car was one Barrett Jackson add and a vague post on a Corvette forum about a guy in New Jersey having two tucked in his barn, which after talking to Ken on twitter I found out was a complete fabrication. The Corvette to Ken at Barrett Jackson for 58,300, not a bad price for a one of one 1990 Corvette.

With a little further googling and thinking I could find one I found out the car was labeled the Corvette RM-1.

Ken told me “It is a 1 of 1 given from Roger Penske to Rick Mears his driver for winning the Indy 500” now Rick Mears was a great Indy driver, 4 wins at the brickyard, the most of any one driver.

The puzzle pieces now all fit, it was labeled the RM-1 for Rick Mears and was a one off car. So unless Ken ever sells it you never find another one. The perfect match to the Marlboro Syclone, complete with a chrome set of Syclone-like rims made by the late Boyd Coddington.

Hands down beside my love of pace cars this tops the list as my favorite Corvette of all time.



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