Lunch at Lamy’s

When I set out to start this blog I said I was going to cover the food that goes along with the cars. This is really the first restaurant that I feel hits the bill of the original idea.

When you attend the Henry Ford you really only have two options other than your typical down the road fast food chains. You have your choice of the American Dog House serving all the general hot dogs, fires, burgers etc, housed right next the 1952 Weinermobile or you have the classic diner Lamy’s. Inside the museum these are the only two options for food.

The diner has always been in the Henry Ford but after the remodel of the car exhibit they made it into a functioning diner complete with the 1950’s booths, the chrome and red stools, complete with all the down home fair. If you don’t want to feel claustrophobic, you may choose to sit on the patio. On this day I opted for the diner as I had the foot longs on the trip previous.

Dining inside for the full effect. Outside the window you have several neon signs, a McDonald’s, a Texaco and a Holiday Inn, you are also surrounded by several 50s cars making it feel like you are sitting in the middle of an I Love Lucy episode.

A limited menu on this day. Options being meat loaf, a turkey club or chicken salad. Drink options varied, you had Faygo of several varieties, the classic Pepsi and Mountain Dew, and the classic shakes.

Count me in for one portion of meatloaf and a classic mountain dew in a glass bottle please. ORDER UP!

Down home cooking is an understatement, this meatloaf was tender and delicious, all the right seasonings, with a side of mashed potatoes and all covered in gravy, so every spoonful you didn’t know if you were getting meatloaf, potatoes or a combination.

The diner also serves light breakfast fairs such as pastries, donuts, a specialty they called hobo cake. And desserts pulled from the classic side, faygo ice cream sundaes, regular sundaes, bumpy cake and what the called a hobo sundae, where they take the hobo bread and serve it ala mode.

A must when visiting the Henry Ford.


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