Shop Truck Movement

Of the shows and car events I attend every year trends come and go, at one point Detroit was moving towards a trend of NOPI style tuners, but now it has moved towards stance, which is evolution of the NOPI tuner, to the movement of drop an LS into any import and drift it. I’m not saying this as a bad thing, just an observation I have had. But on the import side it is all 90s and later, nothing really classic in my opinion.

In the muscle car world, you had the pro touring street licensed drag radial, move into a bigger wheel streetable pro touring category. And even a street licensed pro mod.

One trend that has never left is the shop truck.

Shop trucks have always been around, it just hasn’t been called “shop trucks” most every truck had branding. Weather it be a business, a service or the local bakery. Everyone had advertising on the door or the panel.

This idea morphed into a whole generation that I call the shop truck movement. Trucks advertising something more than the truck. Very few shows have plain jane trucks.

Shop trucks can even be extended to service trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks, etc.

2016 Autorama in Detroit was no different and saw a smattering of great shop trucks.

The shop truck movement is one of my favorites.Every truck has character and a different story. Almost like race cars, they are the same in the general category of being a truck, but each one lived a different life and told the story of those who own it.

I often hear at car meets, my dad had one just like it, or my mom drove one through high school. But with the truck, it’s not about the person, it’s about the truck and the company, and that to me makes a better story.

Will the shop truck movement stay? As long as people still have a passion for the backbone of America, I say it will.


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