Ridler’s House

Every show seems to have a prestigious award. America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, Good Guys Car and Truck of the Year, the Longhauler, but one remains and every year only 8 get a shot at it.

The Great 8 is then narrowed down to one based on judges scores. It’s illusive, and the car you build must be the first time it is shown, and cannot have press coverage anywhere before this show. The show you ask?

Detroit Autorama. This year celebrated 64 years. Chasing the Ridler takes a pretty big pocket book these days, and is like the best of show. It’s an honor every year to stand in the same hall as these creations. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is unreal. This year did not disappoint. Any one of the Great 8 would have been great choices. One even traveled 14,000 miles to compete from Australia.

Times have changed the award and now I see an emphasis on craftsmanship and creativity, no longer just the best hot rod. To me there has to be something different.

This year we definitely saw different, a Bubble Top Chevy Wagon, a Mercedes, a Graham Shark, and Australian Ford Falcon complete with right hand drive, a throwback Oldsmobile called Oldscool based on a 39 Oldsmobile Roadster.

In our household we have never won a Ridler and probably never will, but the Ridler to us is a family thing. Every year my father and I walk the show floor and take in the sights and the sounds.

The Ridler is a friend and every year we are invited into his house for a weekend to see the creativity and ingenuity put into these hot rods.

Always having a favorite for the Ridler this year was no different, being a wagon freak I picked the Double Bubble 62 Chevy Wagon, Dad on the hand named the winner picking the 39 Oldsmobile.

It’s a trophy as an autoholic I would love to bring home. Self built, self created.

Double Bubble: The 62 Chevy Bubble Top Wagon


XBoss: The Australian Falcon, traveled 14,000 miles to appear at Autorama


The Mercedes Benz


The Graham Shark Nose:


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