Getting Dirty Since 1947

There is a Meme going around on social media. A small kid standing in front of the pegs of toy cars and simply says “A Man’s Most Expensive Hobby Starts at .97 Cents”

It aided in my addiction to the automotive world. Dad was immersed in the Solo 2 world and eventually built the road race Volkswagen when I was 8 years old, from there life in the fast lane took off from 1996 on. I remember Friday nights going to Wal Mart and picking out my weekly allowance worth of toy cars, to this day I still have a wall full of toy cars. Yep and I’m not afraid to admit it.

But the first true toy car I remember was the Tonka metal dump trucks, that’s right I was born before the world was created from plastic. I had the dump truck, but always wanted the road grader. I was a boy a grader guy than a dump truck.

I remember playing in the sandbox with that dump truck for hours on end when mom would send me out to play. Dad had built a tree house over the sandbox, and that dump truck went off the deck, in the sand, I played with it like a truck should be played with. And never once did it break. It was definitely scarred with life when it was eventually sold at a yard sale. But never broken.

Fast forward 20 years to the 2016 NAIAS show.

Tonka has figured out a way to spark your inner child if you have left the toy car world behind.

They have collaborated before on trucks for SEMA. The Ford F-350 T-Rexx, the Toyota Tundra Emergency Rescue rig and have entered the world of motorsports with the Tonka Kentuckian tractor pull team of Sullivan Pulling and also a Pro and Pro Lite off road truck team. It was only a matter of time before one of these rigs made it to Detroit.

This year for SEMA Tonka/Funrise teamed with Toyota once again to bring us the Bulletproof Tonka Toyota 4 Runner. Originally built as a SEMA show vehicle for Las Vegas, Toyota brought this as they always do to mix in with the production vehicles, giving you a sense of what your own 4runner could be. Show the potential of a bland SUV. Set yourself apart from the crowd.

What are the specs you may be asking? Big, Large Tires and ready to get dirty just as I did with my Tonka toy.


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