The Arachnid Returns

In the previous post I talked about icons making a return at NAIAS. We continue that theme in this post.

Detroit saw the return of a new Fiat roadster join the family of the 500. The arachnid returns in the form of the 124 Spider

An under loved Fiat convertible produced from 1966-1982 by Fiat and then Pininfarina in 1983 until it died in 1985.

The new 124 spider shares the same platform as the ND Mazda Miata with subtle changes.

The first of which is noticeable is the front end. More stylized and sharp, a little longer are all the first elements that are noticeable. The headlights are slightly larger and have a different more open eye look that that on the Miata. Miata went aggressive, where Fiat chose to go for the smiling look. Which fits with the 500 lineup. Looking lower on the front end there is the addition of simple fog lights in the cut outs in the bumper which the Miata does not have.

Taillights are more rectangular instead of the Miata round look. I’m torn which I like better, partial to the round lights. However there is one feature that would hook me on the Fiat.

Have you ever heard the Abarth 500? The first time I ever heard the Abarth 500 was on a trip to Gainesville, FL. Two Abarths auto-crossed at the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge, the exhaust has throaty yet unique sound. It’s not a turbo or a super charged note. It’s different and refreshing. Yes I would make my decision based on the exhaust if the 124 gets an Abarth version with the same note.

A simple search on youtube of Fiat 500 Abarth exhaust turns up several videos of people documenting the sound.

I only ever saw the Fiat 124 top down in Detroit, however I would imagine both Miata and Spider are rather similar when top up. Pricing is not yet confirmed.

Which would you buy the Miata or the Spider?





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