NAIAS 2016 Wish List

Living in the motor city this time of year means one thing, the North American International Auto Show. This year is set to be a big one, reading other automotive blogs you get the sense that the country is finally out of the recession and people are buying new cars again.

With this said officially 16 new concepts are set to be unveiled, some we know some we do not. BMW confirmed that the American version of the M2 will debut as well as Honda confirming the next gen Ridgeline. Chevy also released the hatch version of the Cruze.

Buick already released the Cascada a four passenger luxury convertible.

What is my wish list?

In years past I have been a sucker for the trucks. The top being last years re-design of the Colorado, however money wise just not a smart decision for a guy starting out in the world. This year a change of pace.

  1. Topping the list is small sporty hatchbacks-by small I mean segment B cars, sorry Chevy Cruze hatch you are out of the picture. Enter the Toyota Yaris, the Kia Rio 5 and the Hyundai Accent. The euro styling has not always caught on and the sedan has become the popular choice for many consumers. Entry level sport hatches, something unique, but all me.
  2. Less Cross-overs: everyone loves their family trucksters however, I just don’t like looking at SUV’s, if I was in that market I would buy a pickup truck.
  3. New concept trucks-yes I said this year would be different and I would not be suckered into the trucks, however they still have a place in my heart. Last year saw the Ram Rebel, the new Colorado, and the 2017 Raptor. Not sure we can top last years lineup. The only thing that may fit this mold is the Ridgeline, but the one thing I never liked about it was it’s lack of pickup truck styling. We will need to wait and see what trucks enter the market this year.
  4. Race cars-NAIAS always has a plethora of factory race cars. Last year we saw the c7 Corvette, Infiniti’s Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car, the new gen Miata Cup MX-5 among others. Subaru never disappoints and always has a rally set up Impreza onsite.
  5. Unique cars-give me a truck set up for rescue missions, Ford in the past has brought police cars and fire trucks. Give me a factory race team van built on a Pro Master or Transit. A pizza delivery car on some after market rims that can also handle track days. Something that fuels my fire for what it could be, not what it currently is.

In the coming weeks we will see if my dreams come true.

Public NAIAS show dates: January 16 and runs through January 24

For more info and to follow all the press coverage visit:


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