Welcome to the first meeting of Autoholics Anonymous.

Growing up near Detroit naturally automobiles become your life blood. I began to live and breathe them at a young age from the race tracks to the streets.

Fast forward and give me a drivers license and a job and all of a sudden you now have the perfect combination for an autoholic. Much the same as spark and fuel make a motor tick. The combination of these two fuel my passion.

In these posts you will get a glimpse at my life in the automotive culture as well as the journey to get there. You will also see all forms of motorsports and car shows. I am multi-cultured when it comes to the automotive world. I like my muscle as well as my imports, I like my trucks and my race cars. No discrimination, if I like it it may get posted.

You will read about the world of NASCAR, Indy, IMSA, SCCA and peek in at shows like the North American International Auto Show, Autorama and other side journey’s down a pathway that is all automotive, all the time.

Sit back, relax and fasten your seat belts and enjoy.



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